Carrie & Devin
Gender Female (Carrie) and Male (Devin)
Hair color Blonde (Carrie) and Black (Devin)
Eye color Black
Eliminated Last Tango in Buenos Aires
Place 5th
Voice Actor Kristen Fairlie (Carrie) and Jeff Geddis (Devin)

Carrie and Devin, labelled the Best Friends, are the 1st confirmed duo competing in the upcoming Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. They are voiced by Kristen Fairlie and Jeff Geddis respectively.


"Best friends since early childhood, Devin and Carrie make a great team. But Carrie has a secret that Devin doesn’t know about. Will they ever be something more to each other? Will the secret Carrie has been keeping from Devin ruin their chances at taking home the prize?"


Carrie and Devin are both kind, caring, and resilient people who treat others with respect. They get on well with most, especially each other. Alongside this, they work together as a team nicely, as both are rather athletic and able to get onto the first flight in episode 1. Carrie has a huge crush on Devin, despite him already having a girlfriend. Carrie seems to be a good persuader and encourager, being able to give enough confidence to Devin to make him conquer his fear of heights. It can be implied that Devin likes reading and video games, as he is seen reading a book on the way to the train station and he has a power button on his shirt.

Race HistoryEdit

Carrie and Devin debut in the first episode, being labelled as the best friends. Carrie and Devin explain in the confessional that have a real chance to win the competition due to their teamwork and overall fitness. As Devin starts talking, Carrie finds herself staring at Devin, but excuses it as a blink check for the camera when Devin looks at her. They smile at each other when Don brings up the million dollars. After the race starts, they choose to take the elevator, but have to wait until it returns, courtesy of Dwayne and Junior. Once the elevator arrives, they take it up to the top floor, and quickly get their helmets before Jen and Tom can interrupt. They walk out onto the skywalk, and Devin’s fear of falling kicks in. After Gerry and Pete run past them and insult them, Devin works up enough courage from Carrie’s speech to start walking. Eventually passing the rest of the teams, Carrie and Devin continue to put one foot in front of the other all the way to the end of the skywalk. After taking the zipline and Carrie‘s disappointment when Devin says that he has a girlfriend, they manage to secure an exceptional second place and a spot on the first flight.


  • They were the very first team to be revealed, being revealed by Fresh TV on New Year's Day.
  • Devin has a girlfriend named Shelly until "Ridonc-shank Redemption", she dumps Devin for dating her tennis instructor, Ashton.


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